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Oil Paintings

Sarah takes her inspiration both locally and from her travels making sketches and taking photographs of images that catch her eye. Sketching captures the vitality of the subject whereas photographs provide a much needed reference to take back to her studio.


Influenced by such artists as William Turner, Joseph Crawhall and Ralph Steadman, Sarah has developed her own style to be full of colour, line and texture.

Sarah learnt figurative drawing at an early age and strongly believes this is an ongoing critical discipline underpinning her work. Her sketches are very loose and done quickly in order to capture the character and movement of her subjects.


A successful sketch can be transferred to ready primed canvas and painting begins.

Sarah works quickly. To add brilliancy to the finished painting, she begins with an under-painting, quite the reverse in colour to the desired end result. The layers are then built up to create her vision with a blend of brush strokes to add that important texture. Essential ingredients are the supreme quality oil paints, using the finest pigments, which provide the rich colours seen in her work.


Sarah hand finishes her frames with colours selected to complement the painting. They are applied either as an emulsion or as a multi-layered gesso producing subtle colour and texture.


Sarah's choice of materials, imagination and intuitive skill all blend together to produce high quality original paintings. The whole process is one of creativity, which provides Sarah with her own inimitable style and certain 'Je ne sais quoi' that attracts clients to collect her work.

Technique 1
The under-painting
Mid stage-the painting takes shape
Technique 3 The finished piece!
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